What you will learn with this eBook

  • Part I - the basics

    Part I covers all the basics to understand high-speed photography ranging from photography basics as aperture, shutter speed to flash duration and the different high-speed photography techniques. It also answers the often asked questions on equipments.

  • Part II - behind the scenes

    This part shows how the different techniques and theory from part I can be used in practical examples. The examples shown are easy to recrate and demonstrate how to use different type of cameras (e.g., DSRL, analog camera, smartphones) to create high-speed images.

  • Part III - when things go wrong

    The last part gives some guidance when your images are not turning out as expected.

The basics

The basics cover all the knowledge which is needed to understand high-speed photography.

It covers the following topics

  • Photography basics as exposure time, ISO, aperture and depth of field
  • Lighting basics as flash power and flash duration
  • High-speed photography techniques

Behind the scenes

The real value and learnings of this ebook come from the behind the scenes section.

Each example in the behind the scenes section consists of the following parts

  • Highlevel description of the idea behind the picture
  • Fully equipment list and flow
  • High quality setup illustrations

Which images are in the behind the scenes?

In the behind the scenes section you'll find the description on how those 12 images were created.

Do I need special equipment?


NO! If you already own an external flash and a camera, you are ready to start today.

If you don't have a external flash the "$125 high-speed setup" chapter gives you a very cheap equipment suggestion to start with high-speed photography.

No example in this book requires more than two flashes. For many of the examples one flash is enough.

Read it on your favorite device!

The pdf format gives you a huge flexibility and allows you to read the ebook on most devices.

  • Desktop

    This is the most common way to read an ebook. However some people don't like reading documents on the computer but luckily there are some other possibilities.

  • Paper

    If you prefer the good old paper, just download the ebook and print it.

  • Tablet

    Tablets are the ideal device for reading. The have a comfortable size and are light enough to carry with you while travelling or commuting.

  • Smartphone

    Many of you already have a smartphone. It is definitely possible to read the ebook on a smartphone. However due to their small display size many people prefer tablets for reading.

  • eReader

    eReader are special devices with ePaper. They provide a great reading experience. Many of those eReader also support PDF.


A word from the Author

In the past years I have created a wide variety of different high-speed photos. Since the beginning I always shared the pictures of my setups, how-tos and tutorials.

In this book I want to share the secrets behind high-speed photography with you. I'm explaining the theoretical basisc but the real benefit comes from the behind the scenes examples. I have done many different setups from complex to very simple ones. For this book I have chosen very easy examples to insipre and motivate you to try it yourself.

I like to see what other do, so if this book inspires you to create some high-speed photo, feel free to share them with me.

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